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Services offered


Get your designs done from experienced engineers in no time. From 3d modelling to engineering drawings, we do it all.

Rapid Prototyping

Make your designs come to life and check for fitment, assembly etc using an actual prototype in a very quick time.

Custom Products

We can help you turn your idea of new product come to reality. It may be something you need at home or a new product, we make it all happen.

3D Printing

We provide a variety of products based on 3d printing technology. We can categorize them into following

Industrial Products

We make a variety of products ranging from Functional Prototypes, Casting Patterns & Jigs and Fixtures.

Interior Decorations

You can custom make things to decorate your house or office as per your own idea. Get table lamps, photo frames etc as your idea.

Educational Models

You can make your school or college projects stand out and interesting by incorporating 3d printing in it.

Why choose us?

  • We value our customers time so you can rest assured of getting your designs or products well before the deadline.
  • We provide our services at a much affordable prices than the industry standards without compromising on the quality.
  • High quality products and services with revisions offered until customer satisfaction.
  • Quick response time before and after delivery.

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